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Zingpro’s Sales Outsourcing service is offered to companies that want to get their feet into the Indian market for business development, branding, and growing their customer base; without undergoing financial risk and hiring difficulties.

Our experienced sales team act as your extended team responsible for all operations associated with sales activities that start from product/service training to closing deals. “We grow with you”, a major chunk of our remuneration is linked to the actual sales achieved for you.

This is a practical, low-risk, cost-effective and simple solution to grow your business. We will act as an internal sales team would, using your business cards, email addresses and CRM system to build a sales pipeline. Zingpro also recruits additional sales staff required for your project and employs them on Zingpro’s payroll. We take care of risks associated with Indian law and compliance.

The sales team requires contact supply of qualified leads. If you aren’t generating sufficient leads, here are some techniques on demand generation and B2B lead generation.

Note: We no more work on commision basis or success based model

Sales Outsourcing India Startups

Sales and Marketing at start-ups are different from a fully operated company. The urgent for sales is crucial and in most cases even critical to be able to show their investors the ability to take their new technology to the market, and further increase the value of the company.

Above all, most of the Startup companies have a limited budget for Sales and Marketing, with few personals doing all the tasks. Consequently, as part of the sales outsourcing service, Zingpro provides a highly-professional team, who will become your business development team.

Is Your Business Ready For Sales Outsourcing?

For sales outsourcing to work effectively for your business, you need to make sure that your business is ready.

Normally, there are two stages in the sales process. Sales exploration and sales execution. Since nobody knows your business better than you, we recommend that you carry out the sales exploration. Zingpro with its experienced sales team works with you in the sales execution. Therefore, to determine whether your business is ready for sales outsourcing, check out this post on outsourced sales for startups.

Sales Outsourcing - What makes us special?

  • We make sales happen. Our experienced sales team sells your product/service without the risk of bureaucracy or other operational expense. Covert your fixed cost to variable cost.
  • Pan-India presence, leverage our direct sales team in Bengaluru,  Chennai, and Coimbatore. Break all the language, regional, and cultural barriers.
  • Access to decision-makers. We get you past the gatekeepers as this is our business NOT just a job for us.
  • Win-win strategy. Zingpro’s Sales Outsourcing is a practical and low-risk service. You can test the our sales outsourcing services for a quarter at minimal cost.

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